Save money by making your own curtains

In these difficult financial times there are lots of ways we should be looking at saving money. Making things instead of buying the finished article is one solution. Soft furnishings are an area where we have gotten out of the habit of doing it for ourselves. Making curtains is a way to save substantial amounts of cash when redecorating. Courses on the subject can be found in many places online.

Block Paving Sealer Advice

Drives should be sealed immediately after laying for any success with a good quality Block Paving Sealer. If you wait, seeds get into the sand filling, and then establish. When you finally decide to pressure wash and resand there is no way you will get anywhere near all of the seeds and established roots out. So when you resand, the nasties are in fact still in there. Sealing does not stop these from germinating and they still get through.

Video and audio equipment advances

Over the last twenty years there have been tremendous advances in the technology surrunding video audio equipment throughout the world. Many of these advances have come from Japan and now other far eastern countries are such as China are matching the rate of improvement. Size is the most noticeable difference, however the quality of the images has also improved beyond all econition.

Get rid of head lice as soon as possible

Of all the things that children are prone to, nits must be the worst. In order to Get rid of head lice effectively you should ensure that you inspect the childs head regulary. Various creams and potions are available but you can not beat careful inspection as a an effective method.

Foods For Camping

Whatever type of trip you are embarking on you need nutritional food with high calorific value that tastes great. Our specialism is exactly that, no other camping foods contain as much energy as ours, a fact you will appreciate as you stay more alert, feel less tired and keep going for longer as a result. If you are more alert you will make better decisions and get more from your trip. Buy the best camping food on the market today.


Parish of Orphir

Orphir  is a parish and settlement in Mainland, Orkney. It is averagely nine miles south west of Kirkwall, and comprehends a seaboard tract of about 7 by 3½ miles, and includes Cava and the Holm of Houton. The coast includes Houton Head, about 300ft tall, but all elsewhere is nearly level; and the interior is an assemblage of vales and hills, the latter culminating at about 700 ft above sea level, and commanding fine views.

A chief residence was the Hall of Clestrain; and chief antiquities include the ruins of Earl Paul's Palace, remains of pre-Reformation chapels, and several tumuli.

John Rae, the explorer of Canada's Arctic was born at the Hall of Clestrain in this parish